Linux Management
MERCUMAYA.NET Hosting Service provides  valuable management services to give you the support you need when technical aspect of hosting is not your expertise or you just need the peace of mind of knowing that your server has the extra managed support when needed in any situation including critical matters that may arise inevitably.

We strive for excellence in quality and support, overall full satisfaction. No one beats the quality found only at MERCUMAYA.NET Hosting Service.


Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Monthly Price Free $25 $50 $100
Reboots 24/7
Server Hardware Diagnosis
Ping Monitoring  
DNS Setup (initial ns1/ns2)  
Software Support  
Daily RKhunter Check  
Daily CHKRootkit Check  
Operating System Upgrades    
WHMXtra (cPanel only)    
Free cPanel Themes      
Kernel Upgrades      
Server Security Included   Gold Platinum Titanium
Server Monitoring Included   Silver Gold Platinum
NAS Backups       5GB Disk

no refund on management plans.

Software support:
Default installed software only: Mail, Apache, Database, FTP and control panel.
Operating System Upgrades:
Level 3: Does not include OS reload ($50 charge). One time quarterly request allowed. Not responsible for loss customized / modified OS settings post OS upgrade. Must be a minor release only to qualify (i.e. RedHat 4.2 > 4.4. Invalid qualification would be 4.2 > 5.0). Full o/s upgrades can be purchased here.
Level 4: full o/s/ upgrade available (i.e. 4.3 > 5.0) upon vendor's stable release.

Kernel Upgrades:
Entitled to unlimited kernel upgrades each month on level 4 package.
Security Plan:
One time free application on Level 2, quarterly patches included on Level 3 and Level 4 upon request.

Free Cpanel Themes:
Includes: iCandy, IntelliSkin, Radiance. Cpanel XP Evo sold $5 per month seperately.

NAS Backups:
Provided 5GB free space on our NAS server with Level 4 plan.


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